Jan 8, 2009

Fit and Fabolous With The Desperate Housewife

Waking up in the second week of the beginning month of the new year made me thought about my resolutions which I wasn't sure if I had one. I turned up the pages of the new cute-tiny-sized limited edition CLEO and found the page on health 'Dieting Like A Star' and I forgot about going to bed again (which I always do even after breakfast).

So I texted my golden friends who I'd usually spend my time with inviting them to join me for a walk or a short jog in the park tomorrow and they replied yes. I was so excited to start the next day with my newly-decided resolution of the year; to get fit (I don't know if I can even stand it for a few days after my last jog last few months).

Then when my eyes were so eagerly shutting themselves half-down I got a text message from my sister asking me if I'd want to join her going to her best friend's house in DUA Residency for lunch but they planned on going to the gym and swimming before they cook. I was feeling so great to start my first aim of the year to start working out and get fit. So I changed to my work-out clothes and packed my 2-piece swimsuit while waiting for my sister to fetch me up.

I was happy to visit the host, Regina, a drop-dead-gorgeous housewife who just came back from her Xmas holiday in the UK. She married a successful British oil-and-gas engineer and they are one of the wonderful couples I've ever known. I didn't attend her wedding last year for some unavoidable reasons and I haven't been out shopping and clubbing with her for a while, so I was relieved that I've finally seen her looking prettier and happily married.

Okay so we headed to the gym first and people, I 'climbed up the hill' using the whatever-machine for 35 miles! I ran for 20 minutes on a treadmill and I swear I was sweating like a pig! I haven't worked out for a long time and I loved it that I made some effort to start again. After a 45-minutes workout, we changed to our swimsuits and went swimming in the pool. There were only four of us (Gina, my sister, her friend Alia & me) and two lovely Latin-looking girls with their mamasita chilling on the poolside. I just love the atmosphere.

We swam for half-an hour! Yes, that makes our workout a 75-minute glorious moment of our lives hahaha..We went up to the condo and got into shower to get ready preparing the ingredients for lasagna. No,no, people..I didn't cook. All I did was helping them to slice the cheese for the sauce. At least I did something (grinning) hehe. Gina cooked extra for her hubby, David and we loved her lasagna! After desserts of seedless grapes, baby tomatoes and strawberries, she sent us down the lobby as we didn't want to take her time because David would be home anytime.

I love everything I did today and I love spending time with the girls again hehehe..and I am so highly-boosted now that I feel so fabulous and I am ready to continue with my w
orkout regime..I can do it! And before I fell asleep from the tiring run, I attached some of the photos of the gym, the pool and Gina's condo..oh, not to forget the delicious lasagna which I snapped during my wonderful day in the simple-but-magnificient-contemporary-in-town neighbourhood of DUA Residency:

To those who haven't sure what their New Year resolutions are, explore things and try to be happy being yourself because when you're optimistic and feeling energised, you'll be surprised on how interesting your life can be. =)


  1. hahhahaa...am interested with the lasagna..ehehe

  2. it was delicious! and hey, the cheese sauce won't be done without me wahahhaa

  3. damn...jealous la tgk gym dia..ahaaha...tp kan DUA recidency...fot sure la 5* hehee