Nov 20, 2012

Broken Sweetheart

She was once a little princess
A cheerful sweetheart
She was the one that everyone cared about
She lived in a castle
Where every inch was guarded
Just as much as her body needed to be protected
Her thought of having everything permanently
Died when she turned a young lady
While other princesses partied for their sweet sixteen
Her celebration was a quiet one
with grievance and tears in between
She lost the king and queen
who were guarding her since the beginning
She moved on with life after few misleadings
Tried not to think too much nor to foresee what was coming
Her castle became fragile with fences became nothing
She turned her belief into something
That materials could never work in protecting
She became a stranger in her own world she was living in
She wandered around for years in pretending
That her heart would never be the same again
Or would there ever be another King
Not to provide her unbreakable wall for her safety
The one who would truly care about one thing
Building fences around her only heart
It then got thicker and dissapeared from worlds apart
Another year had passed after more than a decade
Not a single second she would risk for another break
"There's a prince charming for everyone out there"
The King and Queen used to tell her then
Princess smiles everyday come shine or rain
"Oh, what is heart for all that I care.."

I turned another year older, 
granpa, granma. 
I'm doing well now, 
even without another half.
Lord bless you both with lights, 
put you under the starts in the heaven skies.