Jan 31, 2010

Maybe It's True

I'm always connected online
Hooked on Facebook all the time
Hoping you've checked my profile
Just cant help wondering why
You play it cool but see
I'm hopelessly falling for you

('Maybe' - Jay Sean)

Jan 26, 2010

Live Like Dying

2010 is finally here and I have not posted anything since last few months and I am relieved that I have finally found the urge to write again because last couple months have been really rocky and 2009 had tested my patience and courage in searching what I exactly want to achieve in life.

Well, I was in London during Christmas Sale and yes, I got to fight with thousands of shoppers for the best bargains during Boxing Day and I went to see Sherlock Holmes the movie. But no, on the New Year's Eve I did not go out to celebrate as I did not have the feeling of celebrating the timeout - the end of my unaccomplished resolutions for the year. I wanted to discover as many places in the world or at least go to a few islands and fly in a helicopter or a private plane for sightseeing or try out paragliding or ride in a hot air balloon, but time flies really fast and I ended up doing nothing.

I do not have any idea of what I will do this year but I certainly do promise I will take every second in life to appreciate what my family have done to me and I will spend more time with them and I will hangout with my closest friends that have always been there for me as much as I can and most of all I will not disappoint my late grandparents' wish to see me succeed in everything I do in life. I will not waste a moment to cherish what I have today and I want to discover and learn about life as much as I could as that is the major way to improve myself to become a better person, a good daughter, a sister and a friend (I have always wanted to be the best wife too!). Sounds so much like in the beauty pageant, no?

Whatever it is, I wish 2010 will see myself as an educated and a respectful woman as turning older is not something I will be afraid of. I am totally seeing myself as the same old chick but with a little upgrade and if that would make me a b***h, I am definitely taking the bet!

"Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody. "

-Jane Austen-