Jan 13, 2009

Lost Without Answers

It's another Tuesday in January. I slept at 3am this m0rning and woke up at 7am to drop my brother at the bus station(he was going to his college) and send my friend to work. I couldn't sleep after that and I was trying to figure out how to stop my mom from nagging about my 'traffic offense' summon which she received today at her 0ffice. By the way, it was the first summon I have ever got since I got my legal license six years ago! Oh yes, I'd been a good responsible driver hehe..so I rolled on my bed thinking and I suddenly thought about my friend's request on another poem to get her inspired. I couldn't help but writing another sequel to the heart-broken series of poems that I have written. So I continued and this is how it sounds..

It was cold and dry at the same time
It was scary and dark with voices inside
It was a nightmare within sleepy nights
But there was no escape nor to run and hide

It was never in my mind to have the feeling
Of disgrace and dissapointment of you leaving
No matter what I just couldn't help from thinking
And I realised it was too late for my healing

It was a long period of painful trials
To mend the pieces of every shredded parts
I was so lost and deserted without answers
But I've finally survived with no more tears and cries


  1. another beautiful piece frm u..hehe..love it!n thank u dear~muahhhhhhhhhs~

  2. ek eh encik edwan..ye ye sile2..jemput2..tambah la ye hehe