Jan 6, 2009

Stepping Up Into The Crowd

It's January 2009 and I'm turning 23 this November, just completed my degree (the graduation will be in February-March), unemployed and I have all the free time that I don't even know how to spend..so I decided to start doing something that everybody is talking about... this ...blogging. I know it's so lame and so out of the ark to start expressing my thoughts in writing at this age. Well, getting older is not something that I look forward to. So here I am at 3.32pm on a just-rainy Tuesday in my bedroom on my queen-sized bed sitting still as the connection from an unsecured wireless network of one of the residents in the condo will be disconnected for any mechanism.
I've had the passion for writing ever since I was a teenager ( if 23 sounds old to you) but I'd never given any concern to that as I practice the freedom of speech which makes I believe that thoughts can be expressed at any time or pace whether they are delivered in writing or conveyed verbally. I have been writing short stories and poems since I was in school and everyone in the family knows that I am so passionate about language and history. I didn't do well in school academically though, I just loved writing and that was why I only scored in English and Maths. But those were the days. After I finished school my parents supported my decision of enrolling myself in a more specific English course so that I could share my thoughts and whatever I have in mind with those who have the passion like I do. And they were right. I enjoyed my college life. I loved being a TESL student.. an English-optionist..a language practitioner.
That was then. This is now. I am still an outspoken person and I will always be. How on earth will people ever get your message if you don't communicate or speak with them? It's a process of saying something ,thinking of more to say, perhaps correcting something you have said and then move on to the next statement. And I am writing for my thoughts to be shared.. to be expressed and blogging looks fun to me. It's just so natural and people don't have to worry about considering my choice of words or the form as long as they can clearly express what they intend to say.
Okay, I know this is getting boring. Enough with my theories and nature of writing as people have started their blogs since ages..hehe..I have to stop my textbook definition of writing or people won't read my blog even before I start with a sentence haha. Well, this is just an introduction of myself and my blog. I am just one of the faces that is stepping out into the crowd to be one of the outspoken, open-mided and wise blogger. And I never wish so hard on anything. This is just me not trying to make it to the top. Just me and my thoughts...
wishing for more valuable ideas and experience to be shared soon. Til' then, have a nice day!