Mar 28, 2011

Clean and Clear

Don't go
Don't leave
Don't ever turn your back on me
Don't say that you don't want me
Don't smile
Don't cry
Don't say a word to me
Don't throw the look at me
Don't forgive
Don't apologise
Because it it time
That I am leaving you behind

Mar 8, 2011

Fight For Love

The quarrels of lovers are like summer storms;
everything is more beautiful when they have passed.

- Madame Necker

I love argument, I love debate.
I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me,
that's not their job.

- Margaret Thatcher

Hear one side and you will be in the dark.
Hear both and all will be clear.

- Thomas C. Haliburton

Mar 7, 2011

Bringing On The Heartbreak

Parfois, je perd confiance en toi,

et pourtant je voudrai tant te croire
comprend moi, malgre mon amour pur toi
les entendre me fait douter pardonne moi
je cherche pas a te faire fuire,
voit au moins celle que tu veux suivre
mais bebe non ne m'en veux pas
si je cherche a me proteger
par le passe j'ai trop pleure
pourtant je fuis pour oublier
aujourd'hui c'est a tes cotes que je veux avancer

-s'éloignant par Lynshaa

Mar 3, 2011


Does true love exist?
Or only lust that triggers the relationship?