Feb 2, 2010

My Valentine's Day

If I get to spend a day
With someone on Valentine's Day

I would do anything for the day to stay
With Bradley Cooper as my date

If I get to spend the day
With Bradley Cooper as my Valentine's date
I will start the day with something interesting
That will definitely
mean something

If I get to spend the day
I h
ope it will be a sunny day
I will ask Bradley Cooper if he would like to try

To get on a hot air balloon that will fly us to the sky

If we get up there and spend time in the sky

I will sing him a song that I write while we fly

I will tell him how I love watching him in 'My Little Eye'
And how I want someone like him to be my guy

If I get to spend the day
With Bradley Cooper after the balloon ride

I will take him for a homemade picnic in the park

And share his acting experience from the start

If I get to continue the day

I will tell him how gorgeous and amazing he is
And I don't care if Renee Zellweger is his lady

Because all I care about is Bradley

If I get to have Bradley Cooper on Valentine's Day
I will ask him to be my partner and dance the night away

And under the moonlight I will say

How wonderful it is to have him on My Valentine's Day!

('My Valentine's Day' by Marquise de Ville posted for Nuffang Valentine contest)

A Day In The Sun

Hello, people! I was dreaming about Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco this morning and he gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses in the dream - well, roses are not my type but anyway, as I was smiling to my ears trying to say something to him, my eyes finally popped open and coincidentally stared at this one big faded-dried pink rose bouquet on the drawer next to my bed and I thought, 'Hey, I have to tell them the story!'

So here goes one of the most unforgettable memories that will always be remembered for my entire life. Remember when I posted about my graduation rehearsal when I suddenly puked in the car and dad was nagging like a grandma? Okay, so this was what happened the next day. Yes, the actual graduation ceremony.

My dad woke my brother and I early in the morning to have breakfast and get ready for the ceremony. He was telling me to bring two or three pairs of shoes because I did not wear the appropriate ones for quite a while. So i brought two pairs of black platform wedges. On our way to college, I was giving daddy a hint on which bouquet would I be getting but he looked so clueless and he called my mum to ask about why was I asking him about flowers.

Once we got there, it was crowded with beautiful flower stalls and teddy bears and frames and it was like a colourful flea market. We got out from the car and dad was asking me to go to the registration booth and when I walked a few feet away from the car, guess what? My left shoe broke. The front peep-toe was torn opened and I did not know how the hell it happened. I went back to the car and daddy was like, 'Told you!' I was so clueless on how or why it happened on my graduation day but luckily my dad asked me to bring another pair and I changed to wear them and I was hoping that it would not bring me any trouble at least until the ceremony ends. Dad called mum once again and he nagged about the shoes and he told my mum not to buy from the brand anymore and he said he wanted to sue the company and I knew mum was laughing.

After I registered my name and got my graduation slip, I went to wait in the hall with my dad and my brother and everyone in the hall was posing with their families and boyfriends or girlfriends and their teddy bears and flowers. I told my dad they had pretty bouquets but you know what he said? 'Okay, we'll take photos here with the flowers' which meant he asked me to stand in front of a giant pot of plants in the hall! It was the decoration in the hall and he didn't have any idea about the graduation bouquet! My brother who was the photographer was laughing out loud and he was teasing me about how cool my photo would be with the biggest 'bouquet' a graduate would ever have for their graduation. Well, very funny!

So dad and my brother went to the hall after that while I joined all the graduates outside the hall for the graduate procession. When we got into the hall in which the ceremony had started, my dad who was sitting in the middle of the hall was waving his way at me and he was giving me signs to wear my mortarboard or the cap properly and I was in the middle of the procession! I was smiling when other parents looked at him.

In the middle of the ceremony before my turn to get the scroll, my dad texted me who was sitting a few rows in front of him and told me he and my brother were hungry and I told him to get their lunch first. But he wanted to wait for my turn to get on the stage. He was thrilled when my name was called and when I walked to my seat I could see dad's happy face and I know I had make him proud.

When I got out from the hall, my brother was waiting outside alone and we were sweating as it was so hot and sunny and we couldn't wait to go back but dad was not around. When he came a few minutes later, he was holding a big bouquet of pink roses (only fresh roses without anything, no bears, no chocolates) and I was stunned. It was really huge! My dad had never ever in his entire life bought flowers for anyone, not even his mum or my mum! I was the first person to get flowers from him and his choice? Impressive! Daddy asked me to hold the bouquet while he held the scroll for photos. We shot a few photos and he asked me to take the original scroll straightaway so that we could go home.

So when I went to take the scoll, the officer said I had to return my robe before they could give me the document and dad said I could not return it because I had to take a proper graduation photo with all of the family members so he asked how much ddo we have to pay for the robe if we want to buy it and everybody in the room was like, 'You're buying the robe? For real?' I was blushing but hey, it's red and it's pretty! But as I was blushing in the academic room, all the staff were praising how cool my dad was and I was so proud that it made me blushed even more hahaha.

So we bought the robe and got the scroll and we headed to have our lunch before going home. My sisters were so freaking shocked to see the bouquet that daddy gave me for my gaduation because I was the first one to have it and when we called mum to tell about the whole story, mummy was laughing and she said she didn't expect him to be so cool haha. I got the graduation present too; the shopping trip to London and I had fun!

See how big it is in my arm?

I have the best graduation experience and I have the coolest family members on earth! I just couldn't ask for more. Well, I have to go now. Happy reading and have a nice day!