Aug 3, 2011

As Life Goes On

I actually do not have any particular topic nor a story to write, I just find it so difficult to sleep peacefully without mind thinking about my unclear path of the future. I know, I know.. there's always a saying telling 'don't think about the future and live the present..' and such, but it is just what I do with the brain God has created, I think. I do that deeply. I have been struggling to juggle the life I have no choice but to survive these days. I skipped a few lessons after wrk as I got sick and I still try to think positively at work even without the giggles of children around. I miss watching toddlers smiling at me, as if they are trying to say 'everything is going to be okay'. But I cannot complain much though, as it is not easy to perform my best when I have a few tasks to be done in a little time.

So I hope what I have decided is the best decision for now. And thinking about getting an offer for a job in an embassy is always a good thing, not everyone can get in easily. I did. And I shall be grateful for the opportunity. Even though the workload is totally different ( which is 70 % less than in my previous company), at least I get to come home earlier than others with the same pay and get to finish my homework and attend classes with the convenient working hours. Life is tough, never easy. Why complain much, si?

I just hope things will workout for me as I am fully responsible for every step that I take. Come to think about it, the year is coming to its third quarter. May this Holy month of Ramadhan bring the most of the blessings to get me through the days. Ramadhan Kareem to all the muslims in the world, wherever you are. Goodnight.