Jan 10, 2009

Grabbed, Stolen, Crushed

Feeling head over heels with someone you admire is an unforgettable experience but getting too serious about it really cause you severe mental illness and emotional injuries. I've been in a few relationships and I believe that everyone has their own stories in facing the rough time in love affairs. I wrote this so-called poem-of-regret to those who had been heart-broken in relationships and in life; not to remind them of the pain, but for them to be stronger and not giving up their lives after everything that they have been through..

Thought the world was beautiful
Thought the skies were always blue
Thought the sun would keep shining through
But everything changed when there was you

You touched my heart and stole my soul
You grabbed the happiness and replaced with tears
You gave promises and sealed vows
But you crushed my only heart into pieces

It was nothing that I had ever dreamed
As I watched myself dying slowly
I never thought I would be so stupid
To kill myself for the uncertainty...


  1. it was fr0m pers0nal experience and i swear i didn't realise that i was stupid wahahaha..but it was w0rth a p0em!

  2. hehehe...marilah kita sama2 mencari jalan yg terbaik utk kita bersama ;))

    between nice poem it is..mkn dalam jer...hehe

  3. yeah i've survived and i've never been this better pun wahaha...alive n kickin' yeehaaa!

    *mmg makan dalam yang..kecewa la konon hehe

  4. heehhee...lets rock n roll!!!

    malam ni jom!!!! lontaran suara ;)