Jan 8, 2009

Packing Worries Off On A Getaway

I was so full after dinner just now and I don't have the guts to sleep at this time with this half-rounded tummy. Alia's masak lemak cili api was hot and spicy but delicious that I finished the whole plate of rice ( I didn't usually have the appetite for carbs before). So to kill the time and wait for the calories and fat that I have consumed, I connected my external hardisk and clicked on 'My Photos' to see my latest collections of my cam-whoring hobby. I was smiling to my ears while I viewed the pictures that have been shot in Port Dickson last Saturday. It was a great weekend and a sudden getaway. My friends and I decided to go to PD as Harez wanted to try shooting the sunset with his new EOS 450D and Haneem was so eager for a picnic. We texted each other the night before at 11pm and made the decision to meet up the next noon after Hareez got back from his office straigtaway. It was a last-minute plan but it was one of the best getaways from town that I've ever had.Haneem, Kimi and my brother seemed to enjoy the short trip and I was so glad that they were happy. It felt so good to see my brother (who thought jaws would eat him if he got into the water) strolling around the beach and Haneem joined me to have a few shots jumping. Hareez seemed so good shooting the skies and kids playing on the beach. I had a great time using Kimi's EOS 350D and listening to the sound of the waves and laying on the seaside just staring up to the sky with breathtaking sunset. I have always loved the beach and islands.. PD was not that clean and beautiful, but I had fun and managed to get rid of the worries (of getting older and undecided) from my mind. I was relieved and hope to get on more roadtrips and holidays this year. And these are some of the photos snapped during the short but sweet getaway..