May 14, 2009

Rest In Peace

I am having trouble sleeping..again. It is really hard to continue counting the sheep to fall asleep when you are thinking about an accident happened just a day before at the very same time you are about to fall asleep. I fell asleep earlier yesterday and it was 4am, earlier than this time I am writing. My sister came home before 5am when she woke me up and told me that one of my neighbours who was living in just two doors away from our house committed suicide. We thought the house was empty until police officers and forensics appeared with reporters. The victim jumped out of the balcony or window (we're not really clear about it as we don't want to ask for more or know more about it) from sixteenth floor and her body shattered into pieces. My sister saw her earlier the night before when she went out and she was really shocked to see what happened after she got back. The police managed to arrest all four of the housemates who were staying with the victim when they were trying to run away from the place and the cause of the incident is still under investigation. The victim- a girl came from Beijing and she was found dead with no identification and no documents which led to a mystery. Okay, I sound like a CSI co-star now. But whatever it is or for whatever reason it happened, I hope the case will be investigated with justice because we Malaysians don't want our mother country to be blamed for any reason or doubt of the trials and may she rest in peace.

May 12, 2009

Handle With Care

It's May 12th and I'm just starting the first post of the month in the second week. I was enjoying the first week of May with my part-time tutoring and observing primary and pre-school kids in a tuition centre nearby and I realised how much I enjoy being a specialist in the language even it is true that my brain is still shocked after a few months of not-practising-what-I-learned period. I was getting better with my cough and bronchitis symptoms but I got sick since last week suffering from high fever and flu and I was pretty conscious that I have not- at all means as far as I can remember- eaten pork or worn pig skin-based clothing or anything to do with the creature (eh,can I get infected by looking at the pig coin boxes too??) . So I am totally free from the infectious swine flu that has been killing people in the States.

I was going to write earlier but before I could even get rid of the fever, my throat started to sore and it really hurts even to take a sip of warm water. To make it worse or I shall say this as one of my bad hair day or bad luck or BS happened ; my right shoulder got twisted from an unintentional act while playing around with someone I called mi nobio (he's lucky I still call him that until this very moment after the incident). He was trying to lift me up when he totally forgot that I had been hit by a car five years ago and my car crashed so bad that I had to wear neck collar for two and a half months and my right side of the body was stiff and my right nerve and bones were injected with steroids which after the dose vanished, it weakened the main nerve on my right hand and it hurts every time it rains or when it's cold at night or when I try to carry heavy stuff. I really did get mad for quite some time and regret for being so fragile but he really knew how to make it up. But still- I believe in human rights and every human being should be treated fairly and it's a big NO for domestic violence. I think I make him sound so guilty hehehe.

It has been a few days since I got injured and I could not even use the right hand and you know how it gets really crazy when you cannot use it for the most essential and extremely sensitive ability that you have - to eat! Hell yes, I have been using my left hand during meals but it feels so wrong..always does when you were brought up knowing that your right side is good and your left side is bad..your right hand shall be used for good things and the left hand is like your co-star in a movie which is slightly important and cannot be taken for granted but not to be exposed so much. Oh, I sound so bimbo! But I am really grateful to the Almighty for blessing me with two perfect hands with ten fingers and I am considered healthy - if there is no -never- people who smoke in public and those who are still filling each and every millimeter of the air with pollution. They won't bother about it unless they get to feel what it's like to be deadly sick from other people's faults. Okay, I know I sound more like a witch who is throwing a spell hahaha.. I guess I better stop typing now before my fingers get burned; oh,yes I'm typing with my left hand with a little help from my right and it doesn't really feel good with another extra sorethroat. I'll update the blog later when I get better. Til' then, have a nice day and remember to cherish all the time you have and spend it wisely because you'll never know what's coming. Have a nice day!