Jan 16, 2009

Backpacking Bimbo

It's been a while since I posted my last story and poem here. I've been busy with my workout routine and I was trying to write a poem with a happy ending but it was so hard than writing the dark ones.. I guess because sadness and devastation are so difficult to be forgotten in life even though we've moved on. Speaking about moving on in life, I still have two more days before my vacation to Jogjakarta and Bandung on Sunday, but I haven't packed anything yet. Well, it's supposed to be a backpacking vacation, so I think I'll be packing on Sunday morning before I leave..unless I get pushed by my sister and aunt who are so eager and ready with their backpacks and empty luggage bags that they reserve in case we over-shop in Bandung.

Okay, the thing with the vacation is that one: I'm broke and I don't even know if daddy will be so generous to support everything for her unemployed-jobless-spoiled-needy daughter; two: I am
so hygienic and bitchy that I bring my big toiletries bag with my hand sanitizer everywhere I go (backpacking pulak mesti la duk hostel ke motel!); and three: I have daddy's Chinese tongue that can't eat spicy food in which I know Indonesian food are so hot and spicy especially the penyek chicken-thingy. I can't afford to be having tummy ache while traveling by train, and the first class train from Jogjakarta to Bandung only provides seats without beds! Oh, did I mention about the journey? It's an 8-hour train ride and I hope the train doesn't stuck somewhere and take hours to be fixed (mau kematu dibuatnya duduk lama2).

Well, I don't want to worry much now (I'm lying-I'm still so freaked out about the condition of the train and the pickpockets). I have to deal with it no matter what. Dad and Mom won't be around to do thin
gs so I need to focus on my shopping excitement which is still not showing up. Come on, get excited! Duh! My eyes are shutting down now, tired from thinking about my unplanned holiday trip in two days time. This will be my first time being a backpacker even though I've been on road trips and breakaways to the islands before. I hope it will be great like my other vacations. I guess this is all for now. I'll try to update more with my upcoming trip with fun and exciting stories. Til then, thanks for reading =)

(Quarter of my compulsory always-bring-wherever things hehe)


  1. kapain kamu berangkat downk??
    kepingin kamu kalo nya kamu udah2 lama disana.

  2. iya donk sayang..
    pasti aku kangen sama kamu semua..
    waduhhhh capek gue mikirin mau bawanya apa!

  3. nice story,very worth reading... hope ull visit mine and we'll share thoughts 2gether.. greatpurple2.blogspot.com

  4. mabuhay erick!
    salamat f0r y0ur c0mment..
    yeah sure. =)

  5. huhu...guwe akan kangen bangat sama kamu nanti...waduh2...3 minggu tak jumpa kamu...gawat deh...lps vacation CNY...cuti lagi...aduhai~

  6. that's my bag! lol enjoy your holiday.

  7. happy traveling as backpacker!sure u goin 2 have fun sitting in the train for 8-hours..LOL..hahhahaha