Jan 23, 2009

Shopping Heaven

Hey people! It feels like a long time since I updated my previous post. I had such a great time shopping and chilling in Bandung! I miss the place and I miss everything in the city, unfortunately I spent all the money I had and our train ticket to Jogja was already bought by my cousin. So we had to rush back to Jogjakarta after three days in the shopping heaven. I am definitely going back to Bandung again!!! Seriously, people..it is a real heaven for shopaholics who look for the best quality with the cheapest price. We stayed in Hotel Anggerik in Jalan Riau-where all the great factory outlets are located along the street. The recommended outlets are The Summit, The Secret, Heritage and For Men. There are more stores but those that I listed here have the best clothings that are much more expensive in Malaysia. They have Abercrombie & Fitch, Zara, MNG, FCUK, Arizona USA, Calvin Klein and more. I bought a knitted thigh-length three-quarter sleeves A&F shirt for Rp89,000 which means RM24.oo! Oh, wait! I bought two!! And the weather in Bandung is so breezy. The temperature in the city is 22-24 degree celcius and local people are really nice and soft-spoken. We had no problem with the food as the majority in the city is Sundanese people. I can't upload the photos now because the connection here is really slow and I'm having a problem with my memory card reader. (I'm using my cousin's laptop in her room). Okay, I'll continue later because we're going to shop for Javanese batik for others in the family. Til then, have a nice day!

Jan 16, 2009

Backpacking Bimbo

It's been a while since I posted my last story and poem here. I've been busy with my workout routine and I was trying to write a poem with a happy ending but it was so hard than writing the dark ones.. I guess because sadness and devastation are so difficult to be forgotten in life even though we've moved on. Speaking about moving on in life, I still have two more days before my vacation to Jogjakarta and Bandung on Sunday, but I haven't packed anything yet. Well, it's supposed to be a backpacking vacation, so I think I'll be packing on Sunday morning before I leave..unless I get pushed by my sister and aunt who are so eager and ready with their backpacks and empty luggage bags that they reserve in case we over-shop in Bandung.

Okay, the thing with the vacation is that one: I'm broke and I don't even know if daddy will be so generous to support everything for her unemployed-jobless-spoiled-needy daughter; two: I am
so hygienic and bitchy that I bring my big toiletries bag with my hand sanitizer everywhere I go (backpacking pulak mesti la duk hostel ke motel!); and three: I have daddy's Chinese tongue that can't eat spicy food in which I know Indonesian food are so hot and spicy especially the penyek chicken-thingy. I can't afford to be having tummy ache while traveling by train, and the first class train from Jogjakarta to Bandung only provides seats without beds! Oh, did I mention about the journey? It's an 8-hour train ride and I hope the train doesn't stuck somewhere and take hours to be fixed (mau kematu dibuatnya duduk lama2).

Well, I don't want to worry much now (I'm lying-I'm still so freaked out about the condition of the train and the pickpockets). I have to deal with it no matter what. Dad and Mom won't be around to do thin
gs so I need to focus on my shopping excitement which is still not showing up. Come on, get excited! Duh! My eyes are shutting down now, tired from thinking about my unplanned holiday trip in two days time. This will be my first time being a backpacker even though I've been on road trips and breakaways to the islands before. I hope it will be great like my other vacations. I guess this is all for now. I'll try to update more with my upcoming trip with fun and exciting stories. Til then, thanks for reading =)

(Quarter of my compulsory always-bring-wherever things hehe)

Jan 13, 2009

Lost Without Answers

It's another Tuesday in January. I slept at 3am this m0rning and woke up at 7am to drop my brother at the bus station(he was going to his college) and send my friend to work. I couldn't sleep after that and I was trying to figure out how to stop my mom from nagging about my 'traffic offense' summon which she received today at her 0ffice. By the way, it was the first summon I have ever got since I got my legal license six years ago! Oh yes, I'd been a good responsible driver hehe..so I rolled on my bed thinking and I suddenly thought about my friend's request on another poem to get her inspired. I couldn't help but writing another sequel to the heart-broken series of poems that I have written. So I continued and this is how it sounds..

It was cold and dry at the same time
It was scary and dark with voices inside
It was a nightmare within sleepy nights
But there was no escape nor to run and hide

It was never in my mind to have the feeling
Of disgrace and dissapointment of you leaving
No matter what I just couldn't help from thinking
And I realised it was too late for my healing

It was a long period of painful trials
To mend the pieces of every shredded parts
I was so lost and deserted without answers
But I've finally survived with no more tears and cries

Jan 12, 2009

Teardrop Falls

I was counting the sheep to force myself to sleep when I suddenly got inspired to write another heart-broken poem. I am so glad that I have tried my very best or the least I can do to be there for my friends who needed me when they live in sorrow. Being a shoulder to cry on makes me realise that we can't always hold heads up high and things happen for some reasons. So there it goes..

Tears are falling when I'm with you
I feel the pain when I hear you
I feel the thunder keeps coming through
And I feel the whirlwind when I see you

Tears are rolling down from my eyes
When I think you'd die I feel alive
Whenever I go I can see your smile
Whatever I do I can never be fine

Tears are drowning myself inside
It hurts me deeply to stay and cry
It breaks my heart as I'm falling apart
But it burns me in and out to say goodbye

('Teardrop Falls' by Marquise de Ville, 2009)

Jan 11, 2009

Never Meant to be Together

"If love was a fire then we have lost the spark
Love never felt so cold
If love was a light then we'd lost in the dark
Left with no one to hold

If love was a sport we're not on the same team
You and I are destined to lose
If love was an ocean maybe we are just the stream
Cos love isn't for me and you

So why don't you go your way and I'll go mine
Live your life and I'll live mine
Baby you'll do well and I'll be fine
Cos we're better off separated.."
(2nd verse of Usher's 'Separated')

I came across this song while I was scrolling my mp3 player and it reminded me of those who never mend their hearts because the person that they love just don't seem to have the same feelings. It's hard to know that the person you love belongs to someone else and it hurts to be rejected, but it's life. Sometimes love means you are willing to let go and set it free. So, people..stop blaming yourself and others. Sometimes you just have to walk away even though it's killing you inside out. Move on and try to accept the fact that you both are never meant to be together..

Jan 10, 2009

Grabbed, Stolen, Crushed

Feeling head over heels with someone you admire is an unforgettable experience but getting too serious about it really cause you severe mental illness and emotional injuries. I've been in a few relationships and I believe that everyone has their own stories in facing the rough time in love affairs. I wrote this so-called poem-of-regret to those who had been heart-broken in relationships and in life; not to remind them of the pain, but for them to be stronger and not giving up their lives after everything that they have been through..

Thought the world was beautiful
Thought the skies were always blue
Thought the sun would keep shining through
But everything changed when there was you

You touched my heart and stole my soul
You grabbed the happiness and replaced with tears
You gave promises and sealed vows
But you crushed my only heart into pieces

It was nothing that I had ever dreamed
As I watched myself dying slowly
I never thought I would be so stupid
To kill myself for the uncertainty...

Jan 8, 2009

Fit and Fabolous With The Desperate Housewife

Waking up in the second week of the beginning month of the new year made me thought about my resolutions which I wasn't sure if I had one. I turned up the pages of the new cute-tiny-sized limited edition CLEO and found the page on health 'Dieting Like A Star' and I forgot about going to bed again (which I always do even after breakfast).

So I texted my golden friends who I'd usually spend my time with inviting them to join me for a walk or a short jog in the park tomorrow and they replied yes. I was so excited to start the next day with my newly-decided resolution of the year; to get fit (I don't know if I can even stand it for a few days after my last jog last few months).

Then when my eyes were so eagerly shutting themselves half-down I got a text message from my sister asking me if I'd want to join her going to her best friend's house in DUA Residency for lunch but they planned on going to the gym and swimming before they cook. I was feeling so great to start my first aim of the year to start working out and get fit. So I changed to my work-out clothes and packed my 2-piece swimsuit while waiting for my sister to fetch me up.

I was happy to visit the host, Regina, a drop-dead-gorgeous housewife who just came back from her Xmas holiday in the UK. She married a successful British oil-and-gas engineer and they are one of the wonderful couples I've ever known. I didn't attend her wedding last year for some unavoidable reasons and I haven't been out shopping and clubbing with her for a while, so I was relieved that I've finally seen her looking prettier and happily married.

Okay so we headed to the gym first and people, I 'climbed up the hill' using the whatever-machine for 35 miles! I ran for 20 minutes on a treadmill and I swear I was sweating like a pig! I haven't worked out for a long time and I loved it that I made some effort to start again. After a 45-minutes workout, we changed to our swimsuits and went swimming in the pool. There were only four of us (Gina, my sister, her friend Alia & me) and two lovely Latin-looking girls with their mamasita chilling on the poolside. I just love the atmosphere.

We swam for half-an hour! Yes, that makes our workout a 75-minute glorious moment of our lives hahaha..We went up to the condo and got into shower to get ready preparing the ingredients for lasagna. No,no, people..I didn't cook. All I did was helping them to slice the cheese for the sauce. At least I did something (grinning) hehe. Gina cooked extra for her hubby, David and we loved her lasagna! After desserts of seedless grapes, baby tomatoes and strawberries, she sent us down the lobby as we didn't want to take her time because David would be home anytime.

I love everything I did today and I love spending time with the girls again hehehe..and I am so highly-boosted now that I feel so fabulous and I am ready to continue with my w
orkout regime..I can do it! And before I fell asleep from the tiring run, I attached some of the photos of the gym, the pool and Gina's condo..oh, not to forget the delicious lasagna which I snapped during my wonderful day in the simple-but-magnificient-contemporary-in-town neighbourhood of DUA Residency:

To those who haven't sure what their New Year resolutions are, explore things and try to be happy being yourself because when you're optimistic and feeling energised, you'll be surprised on how interesting your life can be. =)

Packing Worries Off On A Getaway

I was so full after dinner just now and I don't have the guts to sleep at this time with this half-rounded tummy. Alia's masak lemak cili api was hot and spicy but delicious that I finished the whole plate of rice ( I didn't usually have the appetite for carbs before). So to kill the time and wait for the calories and fat that I have consumed, I connected my external hardisk and clicked on 'My Photos' to see my latest collections of my cam-whoring hobby. I was smiling to my ears while I viewed the pictures that have been shot in Port Dickson last Saturday. It was a great weekend and a sudden getaway. My friends and I decided to go to PD as Harez wanted to try shooting the sunset with his new EOS 450D and Haneem was so eager for a picnic. We texted each other the night before at 11pm and made the decision to meet up the next noon after Hareez got back from his office straigtaway. It was a last-minute plan but it was one of the best getaways from town that I've ever had.Haneem, Kimi and my brother seemed to enjoy the short trip and I was so glad that they were happy. It felt so good to see my brother (who thought jaws would eat him if he got into the water) strolling around the beach and Haneem joined me to have a few shots jumping. Hareez seemed so good shooting the skies and kids playing on the beach. I had a great time using Kimi's EOS 350D and listening to the sound of the waves and laying on the seaside just staring up to the sky with breathtaking sunset. I have always loved the beach and islands.. PD was not that clean and beautiful, but I had fun and managed to get rid of the worries (of getting older and undecided) from my mind. I was relieved and hope to get on more roadtrips and holidays this year. And these are some of the photos snapped during the short but sweet getaway..

Jan 7, 2009

Circles of Life

A tribute to all my friends and family and those who have been there for me, sharing my ups and downs. I love u guys and the poem is written to express how much I appreciate the time being around these pretty people of my life..

We called it pretty
We called it ugly
We love the beauty
We love it nasty

We do it fun
We love to enjoy
We fill with laughter
We celebrate with joy

We never regret the trouble
We go through everything together
Because we know we have each other
And the memories remain forever


Jan 6, 2009

Stepping Up Into The Crowd

It's January 2009 and I'm turning 23 this November, just completed my degree (the graduation will be in February-March), unemployed and I have all the free time that I don't even know how to spend..so I decided to start doing something that everybody is talking about... this ...blogging. I know it's so lame and so out of the ark to start expressing my thoughts in writing at this age. Well, getting older is not something that I look forward to. So here I am at 3.32pm on a just-rainy Tuesday in my bedroom on my queen-sized bed sitting still as the connection from an unsecured wireless network of one of the residents in the condo will be disconnected for any mechanism.
I've had the passion for writing ever since I was a teenager ( if 23 sounds old to you) but I'd never given any concern to that as I practice the freedom of speech which makes I believe that thoughts can be expressed at any time or pace whether they are delivered in writing or conveyed verbally. I have been writing short stories and poems since I was in school and everyone in the family knows that I am so passionate about language and history. I didn't do well in school academically though, I just loved writing and that was why I only scored in English and Maths. But those were the days. After I finished school my parents supported my decision of enrolling myself in a more specific English course so that I could share my thoughts and whatever I have in mind with those who have the passion like I do. And they were right. I enjoyed my college life. I loved being a TESL student.. an English-optionist..a language practitioner.
That was then. This is now. I am still an outspoken person and I will always be. How on earth will people ever get your message if you don't communicate or speak with them? It's a process of saying something ,thinking of more to say, perhaps correcting something you have said and then move on to the next statement. And I am writing for my thoughts to be shared.. to be expressed and blogging looks fun to me. It's just so natural and people don't have to worry about considering my choice of words or the form as long as they can clearly express what they intend to say.
Okay, I know this is getting boring. Enough with my theories and nature of writing as people have started their blogs since ages..hehe..I have to stop my textbook definition of writing or people won't read my blog even before I start with a sentence haha. Well, this is just an introduction of myself and my blog. I am just one of the faces that is stepping out into the crowd to be one of the outspoken, open-mided and wise blogger. And I never wish so hard on anything. This is just me not trying to make it to the top. Just me and my thoughts...
wishing for more valuable ideas and experience to be shared soon. Til' then, have a nice day!