Jan 18, 2012

Swaying Tears

I sang
Gladly I sang
Happily I rhymed
To the tune I chanted

I danced
Gracefully I danced
Joyfully I swayed
To the beat at ease

I smiled
Perfectly wide
Grateful for fortunate ones
To be having love by their side

I sang to the song
I danced to the beat
I smiled to happy faces
I screamed my laughter at best
Thou secretly I cried

For how many prayers
For how many wishes
In hoping for a change
To my unforeseen life
To my written story line..

('Swaying Tears' by Marquise de Ville, Jan 2012)

Flying Like A Paper, High Like A Plane, Landed to A Heart

It's April!!! And I'm still chilling at home doing nothing than enjoying the time..still unemployed and jobless and I'm still the same old lazy-sleepyhead-bump who has been wasting her four months of the year chilling! But I did finish reading a few books and I'm still learning languages and I still workout and go jogging whenever I feel like going hehehe... I've considered daddy's suggestion to continue my master's degree by mid-year or by the end of the year. Just for now, I'll cherish the time reading and writing and sleeping like crazy..as always..duh!
Oh,yes! I'm currently obsessed with Columbian 'bachata' dance and I'm learning the moves and practicing it like a freak! I can't even listen to any bachata beat now because my feet will be trembling and eagerly wanting to move and spin. I have always admired Latin culture and the types of dance they have and I love the art of the sensual dance. It's impressive to see how a guy leads his partner and how they put the trust in each other so that it will make a smooth and sexy dance, and most importantly not to fall from a wrong turn. I'm thinking about taking a dance class but since I already know how to salsa, my friends told me that I just need to practice transforming the steps to a slower motion as bachata is just the slower moves of salsa with more sensual touch between the two parties.
Before I become more and more crazy talking about the dance, I'll let you all know about my main story that I wanted to share earlier..I got this one surprise from someone and I don't know what to answer to his question.
Yes, it's a hardcover paper plane..with a note asking me if I would be his girlfriend. It's pretty cute and it's my first time getting a paper plane with the stand and a purple note since my students used to threw paper planes all over the class during my teaching practicum last year. I never thought this guy would be this sweet and thoughtful. I never thought he was the kind of guy that put his effort in this kind of stuff..I mean he really spent time cutting and assembling this stuff just to tell me how sincere he is to me. I couldn't stop smiling in shock when I got it last night (but it happened after he went home and I didn't show the excited face in front of him, I have a reputation to be taken care of! Hehe). I still haven't answered to his note and I don't know how I'm gonna do it. I'm not a romantic person and I really don't know if I can make him happy. All I know now is that even the plane flew out of nowhere..I'm glad that it has made its way and landed in my heart..