Nov 12, 2009

Brother Turns Twenty

Hi brother, today you're twenty
Don't be sad if you're lonely
Cos even when nobody's around
We always want you to be happy

Hi brother, today you're twenty
Friends come and people stray

But don't let things come in your way
Cos we will always be there to stay

Hi brother, today you're twenty
Don't feel down if things don't work out
Cos even if we're
miles apart
We'll be there to sort things out

Hi brother, today you're twenty
Life is cruel and it's not that easy
Learn to appreciate little things
You'll be surprised how wonderful they can b

Hi brother, today you're twenty

If the sun doesn't light your day
Or if it rains heavily on your way
Be grateful that you can see another day

Hi brother, today you're twenty
Smile even when your soul is crying
Even if luck doesn't show up when you're ready

Call my name and I'll there when you ne
ed me

Happy Birthday, brother! God bless you!
Love, Kisses and Hugs

Nov 4, 2009

Show Me Love

It's the month of my birthday and my brother's, my boyfriend's and his brother's, my aunt's and her husband's, my cousins', and obviously for those who were born in the glorious November. But I am not writing about my or their becoming birthday, but to share a memory with you people, I graduated a few days ago. I mean the graduation ceremony was held on 31st October and I was so busy to write about anything since the ceremony made it compulsory for me to travel a few days to settle things up and I had to pack all the things in my room and the house because we were moving out (to the next block, fortunately).

Well, there was nothing extraordinary about my graduation as everyone who completed studies will have the chance to experience it with the presence of their beloved people. As for me, I had four invitation cards but I only took two as only two of my family members were coming, my dad and my little brother. My mom had to go outstation for work and my sisters were busy with their meetings with clients. My boyfriend could not make it because he was busy studying for his coming final exams. I did not feel unhappy as I was grateful enough to have my dad to drive me to the rehearsal and the actual ceremony even when he had to take a few days leave from his important work. If I had to drive myself alone to the graduation, then that is pathetic. I would be screaming and crying all the way to college if nobody could come.

The rehearsal was on Friday and we had to be there by 9 am, so my dad woke me up really early and we only had some hot drinks. Daddy had his hot tea and he asked me to eat something but I only had my coffee because I was so sleepy and I thought we would have breakfast after the rehearsal or when we had a break later. So the rehearsal was only a short briefing to explain about the actual ceremony and what to do and how. Daddy waited for me outside and the briefing ended before 11am. This was the first time he had ever come to send me to college. I drove by myself alone when I first registered as a student in the college. My parents were so busy with work and all of my siblings are used to doing things by ourselves. When I got out from the hall, I was sweating because it was really hot outside and I drank a bottle of 100 plus to cool down. Daddy was telling me to stop drinking the isotonic drink because it might make my gastric worse as I had not eaten anything from morning, but I said it would be okay.

So we decided to have brunch somewhere in Damansara to kill the time as we were going to fetch my brother in the station later. So daddy was telling me about a father who was also waiting for his daughter during the rehearsal and I was laughing to his story. I laughed but my mind was so not in its place and I was feeling dizzy. I thought, 'maybe it was just the heat'. But when daddy stopped the car at the traffic light in front of One Utama, my hand was pulling a plastic bag under the car seat and I opened it up to cover my mouth with it.

I wasn't really sure what I was doing and my dad was looking at me curiously and he asked me why. As I was just opening my mouth to say something to him, I suddenly threw out bubbles and coffee in the plastic bag. My dad was so shocked and he asked me to show him an air-conditioned place to eat, so I just pointed my hand to The Curve with my mouth still throwing out only bubble from the isotonic drink. Daddy drove really fast and he was babbling about how many times he asked me not to skip breakfast and not to drink coffee or carbonated drinks without eating.

When we got out from the car, I threw the plastic bag away and I told him I was okay but daddy was still worried. He was holding me because he was afraid I might be fainted. I had to eat the whole plate of rice even when I couldn't finish it. My dad was really treating me like I was still a little girl when he insisted me to eat all the rice and chicken and finish up the drinks so that I would not get worse. After eating and drinking green tea, I felt relieved and I didn't feel like throwing up again. So daddy suggested to go window shopping in IKEA. I was glad that he was happy looking at all the pretty furnitures after making him worried for my unintentional carelessness. It had been a while since I saw him smiling for things that he did for himself. He was always doing things for others and it felt really great to see him enjoying the very limited time for himself.

When we got home after fetching my brother, my dad was telling everyone in the house about me throwing up in the car because I didn't want to have breakfast. Everyone was laughing but I knew that he was really worried about me and he really wanted me to be in a bed of roses, especially on my graduation day. My brother and sisters were laughing when he was babbling because that showed how much he cares for h
is children. He might get a little sarcastic sometimes, but he's the best man in the whole universe.

Well, that was on the rehearsal day. I really want to tell you guys what happened during my graduation but it is now almost 3 am in the morning and I had to wake up early tomorrow because I have work to do so I'll continue once I settled things up.

"A father doesn't tell you that he loves you.

He shows you."