Mar 18, 2010

The White Blanket

Woke up early in the morning with smile each day
Had little breakfast at home or at McDonald's not far away
Got ready with layers of clothes and boots all set up to play
And walked miles then took rides and shot photos along the way

Got really crazy and excited with the shopping spree
As sale and great offers were everywhere
Even though the snow was falling heavily and people stared
'Others could leave the shops if they're cold for all I care!'

Rode on a bus that my brother accidentally missed
Just to get to the place for the stuff he couldn't get over with
Returned home with hands full of stuff and treats
Went to bed early wanting to wake up as early for the routine

Never in life had we paid ridiculous price to smoke high
But it was absolutely amazing to taste all the flavours inside
On an unbelievable freezing cold winter night
But having that eight-pound sheesha could make you fly

Walked in the park holding a cup of coffee
Just sat for hours for there was a lot to see
Watched the birds flying and landed on pretty trees
Even the frozen lake made people happy

We had really unpredictable and hectic days
But we never failed to have fun and jingle all the way
People said when winter comes they wish to stray
But no matter how much fuss it took all I wanted was to stay

('The White Blanket' by Marquise de Ville', March 2010)

I shot the photo on the first day of snow from the window in William Barefoot Drive, Mottingham in London in November 2009. I just can't wait to go back because I miss London.. badly.

Mar 10, 2010

What If I..?

I stood up really confused
Not knowing where to go
Which way to choose
Is the right turn the one to go through
Would the left turn get really smooth
Or what if I'd make the wrong move..?

('What If I' by Marquise de Ville, March 2010)