Dec 20, 2010

Love The Way You Live

Hello, all! Oh, my.. is dust covering this place? Can you see spider webs all over it already? It's been quite a while since my last post here. I've been really occupied with work that has become one of the biggest part of my life and it was a very busy time for all of us in the company as it was the end of the term for the kids before they go off for Christmas and New Year holidays. And it has been hectic for me too as yesterday was my last day working in PJ centre on weekends. I'll be based in the HQ starting this week and no more traveling back and forth with a few cups of coffee every Saturday and Sunday just to keep myself awake to drive all the way for the sake of the children.

I'm relieved, but undeniably sad at the same time. The kids
and parents are already attached to me as we spent six remarkable cheerful months together. I gained a lot of experience and I am really flattered that my patience in teaching the kids and guiding the parents are worth at the end of the day. I received a lot of praises and thank you wishes and presents from them. I know it is nothing compared with employees from big companies that get Full HD TVs or trips from the bosses and clients; but to get to know that what you have given to an innocent precious little minds that will develop in shaping their thoughts to grow later is - priceless.

Speaking of my fully occupied time that had restricted myself fro
m writing, I was also busy doing makeover to the house because I was so enthusiastic in ensuring my comfort as I wanted to come home feeling cozy and peaceful after a tiring day at work. I have always been known as a home-ly type of person who sometimes refuse to go out and socialise whenever I have my time off. It doesn't mean that I didn't have a cozy home before but to have the chance to do something on my own with my effort and money (as I didn't ask daddy even a cent this time) makes it a whole new makeover to myself too.

I feel much more content coming home switching on the new floorlamp which I only change the lampshade, sticking myself on the newly-bought white L-shaped couch, looking at the gorgeus colourful painting on the wall that I actually painted myself, watching the old TV ( I'm still saving to buy a new one) that is put on the new shelf with my pretty little ornaments on the sides with a little white lamp I bought in a home deco mart for a very cheap price. Oh, my.. I'm hundred percent satisfied. I don't need a lavish social lifestyle nor an expensive handbag (at least at this moment ) to find my satisfaction. I'm happy doing what I like.

Anyway, it's my off day today and I want to continue reading a book that I get from one of the students' parents for my Christmas present. I've already mixed a cup of coffee before I started writing this and yes - I'll spend the day reading on the couch. Til' then, spend your time doing the things you have ever wanted to do the most. Have a nice day!

I finished this painting in two nights

My favourite porcelain Japanese dolls, kawaii, no?

Porcelain Union Jack boots I bought in London

Sep 15, 2010

Moon Lights The Dream

Don't quit shining up the darkness on the narrow way
I wish for your spark to take the sadness away
You're the only one among the diamonds in the sky
Your shimmering light appears to me like a smile
For it is the reason that I don't want to cry
O' dear moon, please stay the way you are
You help keeping me asleep through the night
Living in the dream that I don't want it to end
I no longer want to be awake and pretend
That the dream is over even before it begins

('Moonlight Dream' by Marquise de Ville, Sept 2010)

Aug 25, 2010

Sunshine After The Rain

It was just a few minutes after I switched on the lights in the room at the office after punching in the card when I received a call from my dad this morning. It was awkward as the only thing he said was , "Hello, are you okay?" and when answered him yes, he hung up. I ignored it as dad is always unpredictable and he does unusual things unlike normal people do.

So I continued with my Wednesday routine at work as usual. Today was a bit busy as there were some incomplete materials for this week's box. So time was ticking really fast that I didn't realise that it was 5.30 pm. Well, today my siblings will be having iftar with their friends so I decided to go to the bazaar to take away some desserts.

When I was about to reach home, my phone rang again and it was daddy. "I watched the news this morning and it says that a kindergarten teacher in her early 20s was stabbed by a thief while she was going to work along NKVE highway and I was so worried. I'm afraid if they hurt you. Are you okay?" he asked.

I quickly said, "Dad, it only takes me 15 minutes to be there even in the traffic jam and I don't even use the highway. I'm okay and it's not me. I don't work in a kindy by the way."

Then only I heard his voice a bit relieved than before. I knew he meant it when he said he was worried. I felt sorry for the victim though, she was stabbed to death by a guy who tried to rob her. It terrifies me too as crime is getting worse day by day all over the country and we'll never know who is bad and good anymore. But the call made up my day after weeks of struggling with workloads in the fasting month. Whenever life treats me a bit rough, dad will always be there to make me smile even in his own strange ways. You've brightened up my day, like the sunshine after the rain. I love you, daddy!

Jul 30, 2010

Little Wonders

It feels like the first time tapping on the keyboard after my previous post. It feels good to be back to write though. I was busy with work which has been the biggest part of my life now. I guess I've finally found the company that has hired me for what I'm good in to serve the clients that appreciate every single thing that I do for them and the most important part is that I feel so good and look forward for everyday to come to go to work. Sounds strange but it is true.

I work in a company which provides right brain learning for children from age 3 months to 7 years old and my students are aged between 5 months to 2 years old. I love kids! I was actually quite surprised how the children can learn so fast and socialise better than adults! As I learn more and more during on-the-job training, I have found out that humans develop the brains best at 0 to 3 years old as the brain absorbs information like sponge absorbs water even without verbal output. I become a person who is obsessed with learning about human brain and I am really looking forward to do a research on this method.

Well that's about research and results. But what I am interested in the most is watching the kids laughing and giggling when they are praised after each game even if the answers are wrong as they feel happy when we appreciate their effort. It feels so good when a 2-year-old boy came to me in the middle of the hallway even before class starts and held my hand said, 'Sensei, sing song' and he hugged me so tightly that it made my heart struggling to melt. Then there was once when a little baby boy reach out his hands to me and smiled when I carried him from his mother. And now whenever I have any doubts or feeling uneasy with things or some issues in life, I can feel my heart and soul calming down when coming to work looking at all the happy faces and smiles from the kids. Even when they cry, I don't feel like stressing myself out as the job requires me to ensure my inner vibration and energy are in control and in a good condition to turn the kids' hearts to be as calm too.

Looking at the kids in class makes me feel so grateful that I am given the oppurtunity to nurture their hearts since they are young and give them the education that will then shape their personalities. We don't just give them input of knowledge, but we teach them respect, kindness and love. Children are those who are pure and innocent that they deserves to have everything good in life and it is really important to teach them from they are young as they will grow with the knowledge we plant in their brains.

We tend to take things for granted and blame fate for problems occurred. We just won't admit the fact that nothing can compare to the love we share. These kids really feel happy when we appreciate them with little things that remain in their hearts. I give them stickers after each class, parents hug them saying thank you for enjoying the lesson and they just jumps around happily knowing that we care about what they feel and we appreciate their effort. They don't need new toys or expensive children attire nor exclusive priviledge to kids' world in Harrods to show that we care. They are not like adults who are just being nice and do things for those who have something to give in return. They smile, they wave, they respect. I wonder why adults cannot tolerate or socialise with each other even though we know what is right and wrong after how many years we learn. I used to get frustrated when life treated me badly and I blamed many things but now I feel so fortunate to have these cute little strangers that never fails to make my day. They are the little creations that make big wonders that will never be taken away from my life.

Mar 18, 2010

The White Blanket

Woke up early in the morning with smile each day
Had little breakfast at home or at McDonald's not far away
Got ready with layers of clothes and boots all set up to play
And walked miles then took rides and shot photos along the way

Got really crazy and excited with the shopping spree
As sale and great offers were everywhere
Even though the snow was falling heavily and people stared
'Others could leave the shops if they're cold for all I care!'

Rode on a bus that my brother accidentally missed
Just to get to the place for the stuff he couldn't get over with
Returned home with hands full of stuff and treats
Went to bed early wanting to wake up as early for the routine

Never in life had we paid ridiculous price to smoke high
But it was absolutely amazing to taste all the flavours inside
On an unbelievable freezing cold winter night
But having that eight-pound sheesha could make you fly

Walked in the park holding a cup of coffee
Just sat for hours for there was a lot to see
Watched the birds flying and landed on pretty trees
Even the frozen lake made people happy

We had really unpredictable and hectic days
But we never failed to have fun and jingle all the way
People said when winter comes they wish to stray
But no matter how much fuss it took all I wanted was to stay

('The White Blanket' by Marquise de Ville', March 2010)

I shot the photo on the first day of snow from the window in William Barefoot Drive, Mottingham in London in November 2009. I just can't wait to go back because I miss London.. badly.

Mar 10, 2010

What If I..?

I stood up really confused
Not knowing where to go
Which way to choose
Is the right turn the one to go through
Would the left turn get really smooth
Or what if I'd make the wrong move..?

('What If I' by Marquise de Ville, March 2010)

Feb 2, 2010

My Valentine's Day

If I get to spend a day
With someone on Valentine's Day

I would do anything for the day to stay
With Bradley Cooper as my date

If I get to spend the day
With Bradley Cooper as my Valentine's date
I will start the day with something interesting
That will definitely
mean something

If I get to spend the day
I h
ope it will be a sunny day
I will ask Bradley Cooper if he would like to try

To get on a hot air balloon that will fly us to the sky

If we get up there and spend time in the sky

I will sing him a song that I write while we fly

I will tell him how I love watching him in 'My Little Eye'
And how I want someone like him to be my guy

If I get to spend the day
With Bradley Cooper after the balloon ride

I will take him for a homemade picnic in the park

And share his acting experience from the start

If I get to continue the day

I will tell him how gorgeous and amazing he is
And I don't care if Renee Zellweger is his lady

Because all I care about is Bradley

If I get to have Bradley Cooper on Valentine's Day
I will ask him to be my partner and dance the night away

And under the moonlight I will say

How wonderful it is to have him on My Valentine's Day!

('My Valentine's Day' by Marquise de Ville posted for Nuffang Valentine contest)

A Day In The Sun

Hello, people! I was dreaming about Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Monaco this morning and he gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses in the dream - well, roses are not my type but anyway, as I was smiling to my ears trying to say something to him, my eyes finally popped open and coincidentally stared at this one big faded-dried pink rose bouquet on the drawer next to my bed and I thought, 'Hey, I have to tell them the story!'

So here goes one of the most unforgettable memories that will always be remembered for my entire life. Remember when I posted about my graduation rehearsal when I suddenly puked in the car and dad was nagging like a grandma? Okay, so this was what happened the next day. Yes, the actual graduation ceremony.

My dad woke my brother and I early in the morning to have breakfast and get ready for the ceremony. He was telling me to bring two or three pairs of shoes because I did not wear the appropriate ones for quite a while. So i brought two pairs of black platform wedges. On our way to college, I was giving daddy a hint on which bouquet would I be getting but he looked so clueless and he called my mum to ask about why was I asking him about flowers.

Once we got there, it was crowded with beautiful flower stalls and teddy bears and frames and it was like a colourful flea market. We got out from the car and dad was asking me to go to the registration booth and when I walked a few feet away from the car, guess what? My left shoe broke. The front peep-toe was torn opened and I did not know how the hell it happened. I went back to the car and daddy was like, 'Told you!' I was so clueless on how or why it happened on my graduation day but luckily my dad asked me to bring another pair and I changed to wear them and I was hoping that it would not bring me any trouble at least until the ceremony ends. Dad called mum once again and he nagged about the shoes and he told my mum not to buy from the brand anymore and he said he wanted to sue the company and I knew mum was laughing.

After I registered my name and got my graduation slip, I went to wait in the hall with my dad and my brother and everyone in the hall was posing with their families and boyfriends or girlfriends and their teddy bears and flowers. I told my dad they had pretty bouquets but you know what he said? 'Okay, we'll take photos here with the flowers' which meant he asked me to stand in front of a giant pot of plants in the hall! It was the decoration in the hall and he didn't have any idea about the graduation bouquet! My brother who was the photographer was laughing out loud and he was teasing me about how cool my photo would be with the biggest 'bouquet' a graduate would ever have for their graduation. Well, very funny!

So dad and my brother went to the hall after that while I joined all the graduates outside the hall for the graduate procession. When we got into the hall in which the ceremony had started, my dad who was sitting in the middle of the hall was waving his way at me and he was giving me signs to wear my mortarboard or the cap properly and I was in the middle of the procession! I was smiling when other parents looked at him.

In the middle of the ceremony before my turn to get the scroll, my dad texted me who was sitting a few rows in front of him and told me he and my brother were hungry and I told him to get their lunch first. But he wanted to wait for my turn to get on the stage. He was thrilled when my name was called and when I walked to my seat I could see dad's happy face and I know I had make him proud.

When I got out from the hall, my brother was waiting outside alone and we were sweating as it was so hot and sunny and we couldn't wait to go back but dad was not around. When he came a few minutes later, he was holding a big bouquet of pink roses (only fresh roses without anything, no bears, no chocolates) and I was stunned. It was really huge! My dad had never ever in his entire life bought flowers for anyone, not even his mum or my mum! I was the first person to get flowers from him and his choice? Impressive! Daddy asked me to hold the bouquet while he held the scroll for photos. We shot a few photos and he asked me to take the original scroll straightaway so that we could go home.

So when I went to take the scoll, the officer said I had to return my robe before they could give me the document and dad said I could not return it because I had to take a proper graduation photo with all of the family members so he asked how much ddo we have to pay for the robe if we want to buy it and everybody in the room was like, 'You're buying the robe? For real?' I was blushing but hey, it's red and it's pretty! But as I was blushing in the academic room, all the staff were praising how cool my dad was and I was so proud that it made me blushed even more hahaha.

So we bought the robe and got the scroll and we headed to have our lunch before going home. My sisters were so freaking shocked to see the bouquet that daddy gave me for my gaduation because I was the first one to have it and when we called mum to tell about the whole story, mummy was laughing and she said she didn't expect him to be so cool haha. I got the graduation present too; the shopping trip to London and I had fun!

See how big it is in my arm?

I have the best graduation experience and I have the coolest family members on earth! I just couldn't ask for more. Well, I have to go now. Happy reading and have a nice day!

Jan 31, 2010

Maybe It's True

I'm always connected online
Hooked on Facebook all the time
Hoping you've checked my profile
Just cant help wondering why
You play it cool but see
I'm hopelessly falling for you

('Maybe' - Jay Sean)

Jan 26, 2010

Live Like Dying

2010 is finally here and I have not posted anything since last few months and I am relieved that I have finally found the urge to write again because last couple months have been really rocky and 2009 had tested my patience and courage in searching what I exactly want to achieve in life.

Well, I was in London during Christmas Sale and yes, I got to fight with thousands of shoppers for the best bargains during Boxing Day and I went to see Sherlock Holmes the movie. But no, on the New Year's Eve I did not go out to celebrate as I did not have the feeling of celebrating the timeout - the end of my unaccomplished resolutions for the year. I wanted to discover as many places in the world or at least go to a few islands and fly in a helicopter or a private plane for sightseeing or try out paragliding or ride in a hot air balloon, but time flies really fast and I ended up doing nothing.

I do not have any idea of what I will do this year but I certainly do promise I will take every second in life to appreciate what my family have done to me and I will spend more time with them and I will hangout with my closest friends that have always been there for me as much as I can and most of all I will not disappoint my late grandparents' wish to see me succeed in everything I do in life. I will not waste a moment to cherish what I have today and I want to discover and learn about life as much as I could as that is the major way to improve myself to become a better person, a good daughter, a sister and a friend (I have always wanted to be the best wife too!). Sounds so much like in the beauty pageant, no?

Whatever it is, I wish 2010 will see myself as an educated and a respectful woman as turning older is not something I will be afraid of. I am totally seeing myself as the same old chick but with a little upgrade and if that would make me a b***h, I am definitely taking the bet!

"Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody. "

-Jane Austen-