Dec 20, 2010

Love The Way You Live

Hello, all! Oh, my.. is dust covering this place? Can you see spider webs all over it already? It's been quite a while since my last post here. I've been really occupied with work that has become one of the biggest part of my life and it was a very busy time for all of us in the company as it was the end of the term for the kids before they go off for Christmas and New Year holidays. And it has been hectic for me too as yesterday was my last day working in PJ centre on weekends. I'll be based in the HQ starting this week and no more traveling back and forth with a few cups of coffee every Saturday and Sunday just to keep myself awake to drive all the way for the sake of the children.

I'm relieved, but undeniably sad at the same time. The kids
and parents are already attached to me as we spent six remarkable cheerful months together. I gained a lot of experience and I am really flattered that my patience in teaching the kids and guiding the parents are worth at the end of the day. I received a lot of praises and thank you wishes and presents from them. I know it is nothing compared with employees from big companies that get Full HD TVs or trips from the bosses and clients; but to get to know that what you have given to an innocent precious little minds that will develop in shaping their thoughts to grow later is - priceless.

Speaking of my fully occupied time that had restricted myself fro
m writing, I was also busy doing makeover to the house because I was so enthusiastic in ensuring my comfort as I wanted to come home feeling cozy and peaceful after a tiring day at work. I have always been known as a home-ly type of person who sometimes refuse to go out and socialise whenever I have my time off. It doesn't mean that I didn't have a cozy home before but to have the chance to do something on my own with my effort and money (as I didn't ask daddy even a cent this time) makes it a whole new makeover to myself too.

I feel much more content coming home switching on the new floorlamp which I only change the lampshade, sticking myself on the newly-bought white L-shaped couch, looking at the gorgeus colourful painting on the wall that I actually painted myself, watching the old TV ( I'm still saving to buy a new one) that is put on the new shelf with my pretty little ornaments on the sides with a little white lamp I bought in a home deco mart for a very cheap price. Oh, my.. I'm hundred percent satisfied. I don't need a lavish social lifestyle nor an expensive handbag (at least at this moment ) to find my satisfaction. I'm happy doing what I like.

Anyway, it's my off day today and I want to continue reading a book that I get from one of the students' parents for my Christmas present. I've already mixed a cup of coffee before I started writing this and yes - I'll spend the day reading on the couch. Til' then, spend your time doing the things you have ever wanted to do the most. Have a nice day!

I finished this painting in two nights

My favourite porcelain Japanese dolls, kawaii, no?

Porcelain Union Jack boots I bought in London