Jan 12, 2009

Teardrop Falls

I was counting the sheep to force myself to sleep when I suddenly got inspired to write another heart-broken poem. I am so glad that I have tried my very best or the least I can do to be there for my friends who needed me when they live in sorrow. Being a shoulder to cry on makes me realise that we can't always hold heads up high and things happen for some reasons. So there it goes..

Tears are falling when I'm with you
I feel the pain when I hear you
I feel the thunder keeps coming through
And I feel the whirlwind when I see you

Tears are rolling down from my eyes
When I think you'd die I feel alive
Whenever I go I can see your smile
Whatever I do I can never be fine

Tears are drowning myself inside
It hurts me deeply to stay and cry
It breaks my heart as I'm falling apart
But it burns me in and out to say goodbye

('Teardrop Falls' by Marquise de Ville, 2009)


  1. dear Marquise..thanks for be there always when i need u...now i can see the sun smile again...hehe ;)) hope that our bond will last forever no matter what will happened in e future..

    p/s: some tears rolling down my cheeks when i read this poem...dunno y...feel like really close to the heart...~

  2. seriously u r damn good!huuuu..
    can make it as a song.hehehe..
    figure out few chords then waallla..its a song!hahaha..

  3. haneem: i'm s0rry it makes y0u cry t0 read.. n d0n't thank me c0s it's always my priority t0 care ab0ut th0se wh0 loves me =)

    Locked Down Soul: i believe in making every experience educati0nal =)