Aug 25, 2010

Sunshine After The Rain

It was just a few minutes after I switched on the lights in the room at the office after punching in the card when I received a call from my dad this morning. It was awkward as the only thing he said was , "Hello, are you okay?" and when answered him yes, he hung up. I ignored it as dad is always unpredictable and he does unusual things unlike normal people do.

So I continued with my Wednesday routine at work as usual. Today was a bit busy as there were some incomplete materials for this week's box. So time was ticking really fast that I didn't realise that it was 5.30 pm. Well, today my siblings will be having iftar with their friends so I decided to go to the bazaar to take away some desserts.

When I was about to reach home, my phone rang again and it was daddy. "I watched the news this morning and it says that a kindergarten teacher in her early 20s was stabbed by a thief while she was going to work along NKVE highway and I was so worried. I'm afraid if they hurt you. Are you okay?" he asked.

I quickly said, "Dad, it only takes me 15 minutes to be there even in the traffic jam and I don't even use the highway. I'm okay and it's not me. I don't work in a kindy by the way."

Then only I heard his voice a bit relieved than before. I knew he meant it when he said he was worried. I felt sorry for the victim though, she was stabbed to death by a guy who tried to rob her. It terrifies me too as crime is getting worse day by day all over the country and we'll never know who is bad and good anymore. But the call made up my day after weeks of struggling with workloads in the fasting month. Whenever life treats me a bit rough, dad will always be there to make me smile even in his own strange ways. You've brightened up my day, like the sunshine after the rain. I love you, daddy!