Jan 7, 2009

Circles of Life

A tribute to all my friends and family and those who have been there for me, sharing my ups and downs. I love u guys and the poem is written to express how much I appreciate the time being around these pretty people of my life..

We called it pretty
We called it ugly
We love the beauty
We love it nasty

We do it fun
We love to enjoy
We fill with laughter
We celebrate with joy

We never regret the trouble
We go through everything together
Because we know we have each other
And the memories remain forever



  1. yeah..cos i've been surr0unded by people like you guys hehe

  2. am touched...love u with all my heart..~

  3. BEEST FRIENDS FOREVER, a poem by Adriana Michelle Martin from USA

    Best friends are forever,
    i see mine every day,
    she always makes me laugh,
    even when i'm having a bad day,
    she even is protective
    like a sister i would have to say,
    i wish we could stay together for ever
    i would hear her say,
    she would always cheer me up,
    when i was feeling blue,
    we laughed cried and played,
    until we turned blue,
    if there was one more thing for me
    to say, it would be that i love you too!!

  4. love you to bits!!!
    even if u're named after the p0rnstar hehe..