Oct 19, 2011

Just when I thought ; Il N'est Plus La

C'est midnight and I was awake
Eyes still wide opened
Mind tried to stop thinking
Juste un minuit, I whispered

I turned to the clock on the wall
I tried hard not to recall
Just when I thought I am happy
I realised how I miss a company
To do whatever we feel like

Not a particular anyone nor anything
Just a companion but il n'est plus la
Now that the heart is empty
Is there be a space to be filled?

Dans mon coeur but what if it beats?
Would it be safe from harm?
Or it would be le meme?
If it finally ticks would it be deep?

Would there be another light?
Je ne sais pas, ne sais
Would there be another soul?
Would it be smile, or another cry?

Je ne sais pas, il n'est plus la..

('Il N'est Plus La' by Marquise de Ville, Oct 2011)