Feb 26, 2009

What Do I Do

It's 1.46am in the morning and I am still awake..my sisters are all here at home and they're sleeping like babies. We had a great day with mummy and everyone around. We haven't been spending time together for a while, so I guess they are all tired from shopping and talking about everything non-stop. I'm glad that my sisters are still my best friends that I could never replace with anything in this world.

I had a good week and I finished reading Swan Adamson's book in three days. I had a good time with friends but I guess I was having a hard time accepting new relationships..and I was thinking lot. I don't usually tell anyone about what I personally feel about myself or my feelings, so I wrote them down without wanting to know the answers.

What do I do..
When the sun stops shining?
When the stars stop sparkling?
When the rain stops pouring?

What do I do..
When the wind stops blowing?
When the river stops flowing?
When the flowers stop blooming?

What do I do..
When the lights go out?
When the skies turn dark?
When the love life gets hard...?

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