Feb 18, 2009

Begging Not to Break Apart

I wasn't in the mood to write anything lately and I've been trying to deal with the atmosphere fairly, but I got tensed and confused psychologically. Fortunately I am still alive and still secure..and I'm not going insane thinking about all the small things happened in life. I was lost in confusion, and I'm glad that it inspired me to write again...

They called me lovely
They called me miss pretty
They said that I'm crazy
That I love being naughty

They look at me like I'm a swinger
In their mind I'm a fabulous player
They think that I'm a heart-breaker
That I'll always be one now till forever

They never know that I have always tried
All my best to be everyone's sweetheart
And deep down inside I silently cried
Begging for my soul not to break apart

('Breaking Apart' by Marquise de Ville, Feb 2009)

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