Feb 3, 2009

By Your Side

Hello again people! I know I've promised to continue the story of my shopping journey, but I don't really have time to upload and resize all the photos, but I will update about it soon. Just for now, I present you another piece of my free writings that I wrote this morning..

I will hear your cries

I will hold you tight
I will wipe your tears
and I will make it right

I will heal your pain
I will seal your veins
I'll be there when it rains
'cos I never want to see you hurt again

I'll stop your sorrow
I'll replace with light
I promise you a better tomorrow
and I'll always be by your side

('By Your Side' by Marquise de Ville, 2009)


  1. why u always came up with a beautiful piece la?!hishhhh..jealous!

  2. well i believe everyone always has a story to tell and i do that through poems =)