Feb 5, 2009

Save It For Another Day

I'm the textbook definition of a rebel
I see the crumble over left and I've gotta go right
I'm always in some trouble
To me life ain't fun unless you're in a good fight
So the more you're good to me
The more I try to get you to leave

All my life I've made excuses
Pushing you away, saying that you're not for me
All my life I ran from you, babe
I tried everything

In the end it was you

All I wanna do is have a good time
Let the beat go through me and just take me away
You've been trying to get with me for a while
And I've been telling you to save that for another day
So the more you're good to me
The more I try to get you to leave

(from 'In The End', sung by Kat De Luna)

This is my second post for the month of Valentine..and I am still sick but I can't force my eyes to sleep for my head is still thinking about this one song from Kat De Luna which meant so much to me (because it really is about 'me'). I've been enjoying my life so much and I've been running from relationships since years as I am so concern about not to get hurt and to break anyone's heart. And I am glad that I have chosen to live my life like this..cherishing every moment with friends and family and never think twice about all the adventures and fun we have together. But lately there's a voice deep inside me whispering about a little feeling that I have far inside my heart which I am not sure what it is all about. It- the voice - keeps on saying that the place that I had long ago closed and sealed for any feelings or relationships is eagerly wanting to be filled with something that I can't even describe..whatever it is, I hope it won't hurt me in any way and I am truly happy and content that I have managed to keep the key to my heart safely in my own hands. Just to let you all know about the inner voice and also my struggling with the feeling..if it has anything to do with the word 'Love' then, I prefer to save it for another day..


  1. "just scratch the surface and you will find something to blame for a long lost time"
    (In Flames - Trigger)