Jul 30, 2010

Little Wonders

It feels like the first time tapping on the keyboard after my previous post. It feels good to be back to write though. I was busy with work which has been the biggest part of my life now. I guess I've finally found the company that has hired me for what I'm good in to serve the clients that appreciate every single thing that I do for them and the most important part is that I feel so good and look forward for everyday to come to go to work. Sounds strange but it is true.

I work in a company which provides right brain learning for children from age 3 months to 7 years old and my students are aged between 5 months to 2 years old. I love kids! I was actually quite surprised how the children can learn so fast and socialise better than adults! As I learn more and more during on-the-job training, I have found out that humans develop the brains best at 0 to 3 years old as the brain absorbs information like sponge absorbs water even without verbal output. I become a person who is obsessed with learning about human brain and I am really looking forward to do a research on this method.

Well that's about research and results. But what I am interested in the most is watching the kids laughing and giggling when they are praised after each game even if the answers are wrong as they feel happy when we appreciate their effort. It feels so good when a 2-year-old boy came to me in the middle of the hallway even before class starts and held my hand said, 'Sensei, sing song' and he hugged me so tightly that it made my heart struggling to melt. Then there was once when a little baby boy reach out his hands to me and smiled when I carried him from his mother. And now whenever I have any doubts or feeling uneasy with things or some issues in life, I can feel my heart and soul calming down when coming to work looking at all the happy faces and smiles from the kids. Even when they cry, I don't feel like stressing myself out as the job requires me to ensure my inner vibration and energy are in control and in a good condition to turn the kids' hearts to be as calm too.

Looking at the kids in class makes me feel so grateful that I am given the oppurtunity to nurture their hearts since they are young and give them the education that will then shape their personalities. We don't just give them input of knowledge, but we teach them respect, kindness and love. Children are those who are pure and innocent that they deserves to have everything good in life and it is really important to teach them from they are young as they will grow with the knowledge we plant in their brains.

We tend to take things for granted and blame fate for problems occurred. We just won't admit the fact that nothing can compare to the love we share. These kids really feel happy when we appreciate them with little things that remain in their hearts. I give them stickers after each class, parents hug them saying thank you for enjoying the lesson and they just jumps around happily knowing that we care about what they feel and we appreciate their effort. They don't need new toys or expensive children attire nor exclusive priviledge to kids' world in Harrods to show that we care. They are not like adults who are just being nice and do things for those who have something to give in return. They smile, they wave, they respect. I wonder why adults cannot tolerate or socialise with each other even though we know what is right and wrong after how many years we learn. I used to get frustrated when life treated me badly and I blamed many things but now I feel so fortunate to have these cute little strangers that never fails to make my day. They are the little creations that make big wonders that will never be taken away from my life.

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