Mar 21, 2009

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Another Saturday night appears and I am at home still suffering from my monthly freaking pain that comes during my menses time and after years it still kills me like I was going to die any moment it strikes. I hate being sick...alone. But yeah, what do I expect others to do? To feel the pain? I wish! I guess I was born to be a lone ranger and I am glad that I don't need anybody to do things for me. I love the way I am..daddy taught me enough about doing things by myself and I can do what a man can do to live on my own. Oh, yes..I'm not telling a story about my painful endometriosis sickness here, I am posting another piece of my writing which I wrote two days was great to just sit at home when ideas come hehe.. so here it is..

He was really funny
She was totally crazy
He liked
having tea
She was ob
sessed with coffee
He was playful

She played mature
He claimed to
be loyal
She wasn't sure if
He wasn't a player

Because she was a swinger
He loved the rainbow
She preferred
the thunder
He dressed in bright colours
he was comfortable in pastels
He loved the smell o
f flowers
She was into cactus
He liked to pamper cats
was never good to animals
was always calm
She often
got tensed
He was full of patience
She usually
went mad
He confessed he liked her
She refused a
nd told it was crap
He tried to
convince her
She did everything for him to give up
But no matter how awkward it was
How different they were
They both couldn't get any better
If one of them weren't there for each other

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