Mar 12, 2009

Can't Keep Forgiving

It felt a little bit uneasy to update the blog on the same day with the same date in a few minutes, but who's my personal page anyway! Just now I thought that I couldn't finish my poem but my fingers couldn't stop from working on the keyboard. So here how it goes..

I held you close

I kept you warm
I lifted you up
When you were down

I made you safe
I lightened up the day
To stop the bleeding
And fear from your way

But then you betrayed
You took it for granted
It wasn't thanks that I hoped for
Neither apologies that I wanted

I have never been so untrue
And I want you to know the truth
That I just can't keep forgiving you
For all that you've put me through

('Can't Keep Forgiving' by Marquise de Ville, 2009)

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