Jul 24, 2013

Shoot Me Down

I built a fort
I was an expert
I was like a stone itself
I did know how cold I could get

Just that I was born warm-blooded
Born to breathe air
Born to have heart beat
Born to have it bleed

Like the world ruined through
Like the babies grow til their last breaths
Like the skies turn from bright to dark
There were holes in between my defences

Tried to give it a chance
Put down some layers to give it space
Turned concrete to a shiny glass to be seen
Replaced a frowning statue with a smiling plush toy

'Shoot Me Down' by Marquise de Ville, 2013

And not for long it was shattered with the first fire
Should have tried to make it bulletproof
Not to get it all so visibly pretty to destroy
Thus I swear, I'll replace joy with deploy.

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